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probably, as merlin never had a real education and got most of his learning from his mother and gaius.

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prime example of getting a taste of your own medicine.

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L’amour brille / Sous les étoiles

8 plays …。【沈む陽、空の穴。】



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Mako (Ex. Deadman)


avengers age of “don’t say the M word or we have to pay three million dollars to 20th century fox”



- everyone


im taking this to mean ryan edited the video, which just makes it all so much better

6,896 plays Geoff at the end of Gavin's Heist Geoff Ramsey Let's Play GTA V - Gavin's Heist

Geoff at the end of today’s Let’s Play, because I thought it needed to be shared by itself.

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Your one stop shop for all of your Spring Harvest needs.

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